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gummie: Hey linuzo it's me gummie I'm so sorry that I banned you but I crashed and I don't know what happened after that but got back on the server and told ArchNemesis to tell you sorry for banning you and after that he banned me again oh and I'm very sorry Apr 24, 2014 0:35:28 GMT
xxsquidettexx: how can you get on this server? This is my first time doing it so please help! Apr 24, 2014 16:35:12 GMT
loicomialo: Ok i just wanna know : WHY I AM BANNED I DO NOTHING !!!!! Apr 29, 2014 16:05:30 GMT
loicomialo: Please unban me with /ban remove loicomialo Apr 29, 2014 16:06:15 GMT
boumbudili: Can you unban me i didnt do anything wrong i do the opposite of that May 2, 2014 7:43:11 GMT
rycher: IM I BANNED OR I CANT GO IN May 6, 2014 3:50:09 GMT
rycher: HELP IM BANNED FOR NO REASOB May 6, 2014 3:55:55 GMT
ghenexix02: i want to join,,,plz teach me how,,, May 7, 2014 18:22:55 GMT
cael: Dude if you were banned it was probably for a reason :) Sept 29, 2014 21:40:44 GMT
cael: this thing is messed up its September 29th not May 7th, and it isn't 2:22 it's 5:42 Sept 29, 2014 21:41:54 GMT
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